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OnePlus 6 gets 2nd beta of OxygenOS based on Android Pie

The Chinese technology OnePlus has already made available to users the first test firmware based on Android Pie 9.0 In short, the first Open Beta version of OxygenOS based on the next version of Google’s operating system for the OnePlus 6 smartphone.

In this sense, we can see and attest to the serious commitment of Chinese technology in the area of firmware updates (system software). In the same way, an update for this first beta version of the new OxygenOS will soon be available.

Although the first version is relatively stable, the company will bring several improvements to its software. In other words, we will have general optimizations and improvements here thanks to the new update that has already begun to be distributed.

That is, if you want to try Android Pie on your OnePlus 6 before it reaches all users you can do it. Again. Now in a more stable and with a photographic quality enhancement for the camera of the selfies as well as other improvements.

You can try the Android Pie on your OnePlus 6

However, being a trial version – not finished version – contains some obstacles and drawbacks. It is a version for enthusiasts and curious but that as such may present some bugs or abnormal behavior in some apps. Something perfectly normal since it is not a final version of the system software – OxygenOS.

OnePlus 6 gets 2nd beta of OxygenOS based on Android Pie
OnePlus 6 2nd beta OxygenOS Android Pie

Still, it’s great to see this Chinese company put so much emphasis on the experience of using their Device. First of all for its new OnePlus 6, the current top-of-the-range that should not be replaced (renewed) until November 2018.

Secondly, we can see that optimizations are the core of this update. That is, improvements in fluidity, speed and stability of the entire system. A reinforcement of the entire operation of OxygenOS with particular emphasis on the photographic quality of the front camera.

In short, we can now see what changes with the new Open Beta 2 for OnePlus 6 thanks to the publication of the official  changelog :

System improvements:

  • Wi-Fi connection stability improvements
  • Optimizing energy usage management by apps in the background
  • Optimization of the “Pocket” mode to avoid accidental touches

Launcher from OxygenOS:

  • Improvements in multi-tasking throughout OxygenOS

OnePlus 6 Camera

  • Optimizing image quality for the OnePlus front camera 6


  • Generic enhancements

If you are already using the first Beta version of Android Pie, you only have to wait for the arrival – via OTA ( over the air ) of this new version. If you are in the stable version you will have to download and install the system file manually.

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