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OnePlus 40 thousand people at risk of credit card fraud

OnePlus. 40 thousand people at risk of credit card fraud

OnePlus, the Chinese manufacturer founded in late 2013 by Pete Lau and Carl Pei would quickly reach the mouths of the world with its first top of the range. The OnePlus One. Since then, the brand has been growing ever since. Unfortunately, as it grows, it also becomes a desirable target. Now, it is confirmed the security breach that will have put at risk the consumers that opted for the payment with credit cards. The risk of fraud is real.

However, the brand had already disabled the payment mediated by credit cards in its official store . At the time of the latest development, the Chinese manufacturer informed us that it would be conducting a general investigation to find out what happened.

Now, our worst fears are confirmed. As the agency Fidus had already advanced, the situation is more serious than initially thought. At risk are about 40 thousand consumers who, within four months, used the official store, the platform OnePlus.net.

OnePlus now sends a letter to its consumers. An apology and an alert to review the movements of your credit cards. The risk is serious. Fraud. It was the manufacturer itself confirming the bad news. This ad is made in the brand’s official forum.

OnePlus confirms risk of credit card fraud

The attack was consummated through a malicious code that was injected, a  script that was inserted in the page of payments with credit cards. This code introduced in the OnePlus.net platform allowed the users to see credit card numbers, their expiration date and the security codes. More than enough data to use credit cards almost everywhere. The “perfect recipe” for fraud situations.

Chinese manufacturer OnePlus says the malicious code was injected into its servers in mid-November. Just before the launch of your OnePlus 5T. The brand claims to be unaware of all consumers who may have been put at risk.

However, it urges a total of 40,000 people to monitor their credit card movements. The brand claims that all credit card numbers that entered their systems before November are not at risk of fraud. The same applies to consumers who opted for payment mediated by PayPal.

40,000 consumers at risk of credit card fraud

OnePlus 40 thousand people at risk of credit card fraud

If you made purchases on the OnePlus.net website with credit cards as of November, be careful!

The Chinese company has not yet terminated the security investigation and says it will implement a more secure form of credit card payment. In this way, it intends to avoid new situations that could put its consumers at risk of fraud. For sure, PayPal will be the only way to get one of your new products.

The impossibility of payment with credit cards will certainly have a negative impact on sales to the United States of America. If this were not one of your favourite methods of payment. However, the risk of fraud cannot be tackled lightly. The brand took the right attitude by disabling this method of payment. At least until you can provide a safe alternative.

OnePlus will continue to investigate until the case is fully scaled. He also expressed his desire to provide customers possibly affected by fraud, a way to monitor the movements made with their credit cards.

However, if you have received an email from OnePlus alerting you to the risk of fraud, the best course of action will be the immediate cancellation of the credit card in question. If you have any of these cards associated with your OnePlus.net account keep your movements under eye. Especially if you have used it on the brand site in recent months.

The OnePlus official statement:

“We are extremely saddened to have to confirm the attack on our site. About 40,000 users are at risk and may be affected by the incident. To all of them, we have already sent an email, alerting them and making them aware of the situation.

  1. What happened:

One of our payment systems has been attacked. A malicious script was entered on the credit card payments page to capture the information you entered.

  • The malicious script was intermittent. Not to raise so much suspicion, the malicious code did not operate continuously. Capture and send data through the user’s browser . However it has already been eliminated.
  • We put the affected server under quarantine and enforce all relevant structures.
  1. Who is at risk?

  • Some users who entered credit card information on the oneplus.net platform  between mid-November 2017 and January 11, 2018.
    • Credit card information [numbers, expiration date, security codes] all such data entered during this time period are at risk, susceptible to fraud.
    • Users who will have used a credit card already saved will not have been affected.
    • Users who will opt for “Credit Card via PayPal” should not have been affected.
    • Users who paid via PayPal should not have been affected.
  • We have contacted all users at risk via email.

The brand seems to be perfectly aware of the impact this can have on the public and its consumers. It should also be noted that the whole situation was exposed, firstly, by some users in the official forum of the brand. These alerted the others and the manufacturer itself.

In short, if you have a OnePlus if you bought it through the official store in the last 2 months via credit card. Cancel it!


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