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On the Moon will be LTE by 2019

On the Moon will be LTE by 2019
Already next year on the lunar surface will appear own 4G-networks thanks to joint efforts of several technological giants and scientists.
In particular, Vodafone, Nokia and Audi will join forces with a group of German scientists PTScientists, who want to conduct the first private drones on the moon with the help of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket next year. 4G will be deployed through the development of Nokia under the names of Ultra Compact Network, which, according to the company, weighs less than the package of sugar.
“This is an important step for a new round of research on the solar system,” said Robert Bohm, founder and CEO of PTScientists. – “In order for mankind to leave the Earth, it is necessary to develop the infrastructure beyond our native planet. In the course of this mission, we will create and test the first elements of a dedicated cellular network on the Moon. “
In the lunar mission, Bohm and his colleagues plan to land on the moon two Audi Lunar Quattro rovers equipped with 4G so they can transfer information among themselves. Rovers will have to find the “Apollo 17” on the lunar surface and broadcast a video with him online.
Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany, said:
This project represents an innovative approach to the development of mobile network infrastructure, and is also an excellent example of an independent multidisciplinary team that is working on a task of great importance due to its courage, innovative spirit and ingenuity.
This, of course, in case the mission takes place. In any case, the companies expect that their efforts will help bring technologies out of the Earth, paving the way for further development of the technological infrastructure of our natural satellite.


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