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NVIDIA prepares GTX 1080 Ti for miners


Rumors continue to be confirmed: NVIDIA, apparently, is really preparing to release a new graphics accelerator. Insiders told about the characteristics of the upcoming release, and if you, like millions of other gamers, hoped that the company will finally remember the gaming industry – keep on dreaming. But on the street of the miners there is a crypto-currency, it seems, very soon there will be a holiday.

The source of the leak were the journalists of the site Crypto Mining Blog . Insiders argue about the imminent appearance of a line of video cards “imprisoned” for the production of crypto currency, in contrast to its closest “relative” GeForce. As an example, the specification of the new production model of Inno 3D is given. Earlier on the network, rumors circulated that NVIDIA plans to complete the life cycle of graphics accelerators based on GP102 chips – but it does not seem like that. The new product, code-named P102-100, is based on the same GP102 GPU, but is equipped with a new (albeit a truncated) core designed for crypto-currency mining. The specifications of the novelty as compared with the reference GP102 have also changed – we will examine them in more detail .

  • GPU frequency: 1 582 MHz
  • Type and amount of memory: GDDR5X, 5 GB
  • Memory bus width: 320-bit
  • Memory bandwidth: 400 GB / s
  • Bus Support: PCIe Gen1 x4
  • Dimensions: 215×125 mm, “two-slot” construction


It is claimed that the processor of the novelty contains 3,200 CUDA cores with a base frequency of 1,582 MHz (apparently, without the possibility of overclocking). The amount of memory GDDR5X has decreased to 5 GB with a frequency of 5 GHz, the estimated memory bandwidth is 400 GB / s. The failure of the video outputs and the SLI connector, visible in photos, looks quite logical solution, reducing the cost of production. Another important difference from the “big brother” is the limited support for the PCIe Gen1 x4 interface, in spite of the full-size slot of the video card. The input of the power subsystem is represented by two 8-pin connectors, the claimed TDP is 250W. But the main specification of the novelty is, of course, the production yield of crypto currency, and these figures also lead to these figures: 47 MX / s for Ethereum, 660 Sol / c for Zcash and 879 H / c for Monero production. However,

Of course, it is premature to consider this information as official – but since there are reasons to believe that the mining models will fill the market very soon, in the near future one should expect more details. At the end of March there will be a NVIDIA GTC conference on GPU technologies, and many are pinning great hopes on this event : gamers want to finally end the dependence of the market on miners, and virtual billionaire hunters are already looking forward to new ways of enrichment.



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