Home NEWS NVIDIA – Lenovo has confirmed the GTX 1180 on its Legion PCs!

NVIDIA – Lenovo has confirmed the GTX 1180 on its Legion PCs!

NVIDIA - Lenovo has confirmed the GTX 1180 on its Legion PCs!

It seems that Lenovo has opened its mouth too much about the new series of NVIDIA GeForce 11 graphics cards! Until now we still did not know the name that the new GeForce range would have … Until a Lenovo representative confirmed that the chosen nomenclature was the GeForce GTX 11.

A Lenovo representative has neglected and confirmed that NVIDIA’s new flagship graphics card will be the GTX 1180! Reaching Legion Desktops in the third quarter of the year.

The latest details about the next generation of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards comes from a Lenovo representative, who apparently spoke too much at the super games event, E3 2018.

This brand representative was interviewed by YouTuber ‘BrainBean’, which asked him some questions about the new Lenovo Legion computers.

And here’s the thing that made it interesting, because while talking about graphics upgrades, Lenovo employee said we can expect the new line of NVIDIA GeForce 11 graphics cards with support for the high-end GTX 1180!

In short, we can expect a GTX 1180 and a GTX 1170 later this summer, with the remaining versions coming to market later.

NVIDIA – There’s already a date for the launch of new graphics cards!

The wait is over! According to Videocardz , NVIDIA will host an exclusive press event at Gamescom 2018! And apparently it’s all we’re waiting for … The launch of the new generation of graphics cards!



Invitations to this NVIDIA event are there, and have already been sent to the press! Although in this there is no mention of new graphics cards … No company pays travel + expenses to present game demos …

There is not much information in the invitation itself … In fact, this only speaks of ‘hands-on’ experience of new games made with NVIDIA technology. However, there is no company in this world that does an event only for the press, with travel and expenses paid, if you do not have something important up your sleeve!


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