Home NEWS Nvidia buys Mellanox for $ 6.9 billion

Nvidia buys Mellanox for $ 6.9 billion

Nvidia buys Mellanox for $ 6.9 billion

They are impressive numbers. Nvidia confirmed this morning the acquisition of the multinational Mellanox Technologies for 6.9 billion dollars. In this being the largest acquisition of the brand to date, Nvidia beat Intel in the “auction” by the Israeli company.

Nvidia aims to be more competitive in the data center segment. If the brand already has one third of its revenues in this segment, the main goal is to increase that share. What’s more, this reduces your dependence on the gaming industry.

Apparently Intel would have made a proposal for the Israeli company a few months ago. Intel’s 6 billion have not arrived, so Nvidia has increased the stop. Mellanox Technologies is a company specializing in chips and components that power data center networks.

Nvidia revenue down 22% at end of 2018

The company was valued at $ 5.9 billion. Purchased by $ 6.9 billion from Nvidia, this could prove to be a real bargain. The truth is that Nvidia saw its revenues fall by 22% in the last quarter of last year. And, with this action, shows that you want to turn this page.

In addition to the decline in bitcoins mining, sales of the latest graphics did not go as expected by Nvidia. With this acquisition, the brand can expand in areas such as Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing.

“Combining our two companies is a natural extension of our long-standing partnership. In addition, there is common thinking and a similar culture of performance. ” These are words of Eyal Waldman, CEO of Mellanox, and reveal the joint will of this joint.

Nvidia shows with this acquisition, want to expand. It does not want to simply be held hostage by the gaming market, for which it is most recognized. It is good to see the company risking and undoubtedly taking steps towards healthy growth in various markets.


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