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NSA warns: location data on smartphones is a national security risk

In the United States, the NSA (National Security Agency), made it very clear to its employees that sharing the location of the smartphone is a major national risk. According to the Wall Street Journal, the NSA has provided guides to warn employees about location sharing.

The message to get across is that these types of behaviors are a national security risk, for whom has a military career or in government agencies. Enemies or cyber criminals can use location information to find out where supplies, resources and weapons are.


In addition, the information can be used to plan attacks or simply gather information. The NSA then recommends that its employees turn off location entirely on their devices, as well as deny permissions on applications.

Since the NSA is infamous in the United States for espionage charges against American citizens themselves , these statements are somewhat ironic. However, given the current spectrum of technological conflicts with China, the NSA is expected to issue these warnings.

Military bases have been compromised by a sports app

At the beginning of 2018, security researchers found a serious flaw in the Strava app, which allows you to monitor bike rides or races, via GPS. The Strava database was found to be public, revealing military bases, food routes and even secret CIA buildings.

Recently, the US government has banned its employees from installing TikTok in their smartphones. This notice by the NSA may also have been motivated by these events.

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