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Nokia guarantees that Android P will reach all its smartphones

Nokia does not play games on the go. The Finnish company yesterday introduced 3 more entry models and promises to continue the philosophy of simplicity and quality.

The new Nokia follow the ideology of past models. Although with new specs and an 18: 9 screen, everything else is identical. Mainly in the design philosophy.

In the presentation, it was mentioned that Android P is an important update that and that its smartphones would not let pass the update to the side.

All Nokia with Android released so far will receive the Android P update later this year.

Nokia smartphones are increasingly appealing

It has not been mentioned when this will happen, however, it is still a relief for all users of smartphones brand. Android P brings significant improvements in security and privacy. In design, things do not change much.

The most relevant changes from Android P 

1-  Support for smartphones with Notch:  Notch first came with Essential Phone and became fashionable with the iPhone X. Google knows that Android manufacturers will bring this much-criticized feature, so it offers support for developers in the face of this new trend.

2-  Google Assistant is smarter:  Google Assistant will have a greater focus on Android Q. With the new update, the developers will be able to implement the wizard in their applications. It’s a matter of time until it becomes even more customary to talk to your smartphone instead of writing.

3- Privacy Enhancement:  The privacy issues of recent times have made Google look closely at this situation. Users will have maximum control over the information they provide to applications. Developers will not be able to access the camera or location when the application is not open, or when the user has not provided the same authorization.

4 –  Forget old applications:  When a user installs an application that was not designed for Android versions above 4.2, they will be informed of problems that may exist. Especially security and bugs. Developers will be forced to update their apps.

5-  Battery mode will be different:  Forget the huge orange in the bottom bar when the smartphone is saving battery. Instead, you will have a notification indicating that you have the active mode.

6- Adding “do not fall asleep” on the biometric sensor:  When your smartphone tries to fall asleep, a simple touch on the biometric sensor will allow the screen to turn on.

If you have a Nokia you just have to be proud of what the brand is doing. The device of the European company are not only good, they are finally thinking about the welfare of the consumer.

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