Home NEWS Nokia Asha – HMD can bring this line back to the market

Nokia Asha – HMD can bring this line back to the market

Nokia Asha - HMD can bring this line back to the market

If you had a mobile phone in the year 2010 the probability of having looked at one of the Nokia Asha is great. The brand was at the height of technological limbo. The Android was starting to hit the market in strength, Apple had a more established business with its iPhone and Nokia was struggling with the force not to disappear from the market.

The Asha had several lines and segments. One of the best known was the Nokia Asha 200, a terminal that followed the line of BlackBerry smartphones with the physical keyboard qwerty.

We can say that the Nokia Asha were not exactly smartphones, however, its operating system “S40 mobile operating system”  already had an app store to download certain apps. WhatsApp was one of those apps.

Once purchased by Microsoft all these trademarks were also carried over into the agreement. Asha belonged to Microsoft at least until now.

HMD Global, which owns the Nokia brand at this time, has again brought the name “Asha” and everything indicates that the name may be to return to the market.

Purchase of the name “Nokia Asha” by HMD Global



This trademark registration does not indicate that we will have an Asha for 2018, but if there is an interest in the name it is because there is a desire to create a product that reminds us of the old terminals.

Will we have a Nokia Asha smartphone? Or will it be a cell phone to keep up with the 3310 on the shelves?

There are many rumors and few certainties. The European brand has already unveiled its first smartphone of the year in early January and everything indicates that Mobile World Congress is the site of more official revelations. Let’s hope the name “Asha” jumps into the conversation.


  1. It will be awesome seeing Nokia Asha back again.. How i wish they rebuild the phone and bring it back again just the way they did to other Nokia.. Thanks for the info.. I hope they bring it back.

  2. Wow it’s greatly appreciated to see Asha been rebuild in the market again.. And it should be in android series. Thanks for the info.

  3. Yeah! I really hope so @admin. It should come to conversation.. Like seriously, I really want to see Nokia Asha again been rebuild in the market!


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