Home NEWS Nokia 8 gets Pro mode on camera with new Android update

Nokia 8 gets Pro mode on camera with new Android update

Nokia 8 gets Pro mode on camera with new Android update
Nokia 8 Pro Camera mode

System software updates, applications, and security updates are extremely important to consumers. Now for the Android smartphone, the Nokia 8 from HMD Global comes the new Pro Mode for your camera.

Proving to be faithful to its promise of periodic and guaranteed upgrades for at least two years, the Nokia 8 gets a new added value. Especially for those who like to capture good photos with their smartphone, it will be an update not to miss.

All this to illustrate the good evolution in regards to the updates concerns. Even in terms of smartphone design, Finnish technology seems to be well underway.

Now, after introducing new mobile devices here, it ensures that the old top of the range will receive the Pro Mode for your camera. It will come with one of the upcoming Android system updates.

Pro mode for camera is on the way to Nokia 8

That is, with the next build of firmware (system software), you will have Pro Mode for the camera. The guarantee was given by  Juho Sarvikas, Product Director of HMD Global through his Twitter account. It will be an update to take into account, adding several new features to the users. Above all, you will have strict control over several crucial aspects for capturing the photograph.

The Pro mode distribution will arrive with the next firmware build. Something that will give you more control over the most important aspects of capturing photos. Moreover, the update will reach all the units distributed around the world. It will now be a matter of time until it starts being distributed.

Will arrive with the next update for your Android

According to the company’s product manager, the Nokia 8 will receive a firmware with 600MB. A great update on the way to your Android mobile device that will give you, among other options, control over the ISO values.

Once you start your distribution you will be the first to know.


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