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Nokia 7 Plus – Key Features of this Android Revealed

Nokia 7 Plus - Key Features of this Android Revealed

One of the most interesting Android devices of the brand presented in 2017 was the Nokia 7. This fits in the market of the mid/high range, being a fantastic value for money. It should be noted that although the same has not yet officially arrived in Portugal, it is already spoken in his successor, the Nokia 7 Plus.

If the Nokia 6 was already one of the most interesting mid-range of 2017, then the 7 model would have everything to overcome the success of that. We have a range of specifications far superior to those of the 6 and, at the same time, an improved quality of construction.

However, the 7 was an exclusive Chinese. Notwithstanding all the enthusiasm generated around this Android, we would only have one way to get a copy: through reseller sites. Just as many Westerners get their hands on Xiaomi equipment.

But with the arrival of the new Nokia 7 Plus, it is expected that this can be marketed in Europe. This is not an official fact, but its supposed presentation at the Mobile World Congress points in that direction. But Nokia will not just change its nomenclature. It will also introduce some improvements to the equipment. Improvements that we will cover in this article.

We now have the publication VTECH to provide us with a wide range of specifications of Nokia 7 Plus, the brand new Android smartphone. Specifics such as your screen and your camera are the main features of this report.

We can begin precisely there, by the photographic department of Nokia 7 Plus. Apparently, it will now have a dual camera module on its back. Remember that the 7 has only one photographic lens.

These are the main features of the Nokia 7 Plus Android smartphone

Already on the front of this equipment, we will have a 16MP camera, with a f / 2.0 focal aperture. In both cases, these cameras were developed in partnership with Carl Zeiss, Nokia’s old partner in the field.In fact, we will be faced with a module consisting of a 12MP lens and a 13MP lens. With this combo, the smartphone will be able to capture images with up to 2x zoom without loss of quality. Moreover, this will benefit the device in its performance in portrait mode.

Still, in this industry, it is advanced that the Nokia Camara application will be back in this model. This will give consumers the professional modes in the camera of your smartphone. As such, the user will have control of aspects such as ISO, shutter speed, white balance and other similar functions.

It is also important to speak on the screen of this Nokia 7 Plus. According to what is now advanced, it will feature a 6-inch screen with Full-HD resolution. It is said that this will maintain the same physical structure of Nokia 7. This will mean a significant reduction in the margins of the smartphone so that it can accommodate a larger screen.

Finally, it is even mentioned that it will be supported by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor.

Unfortunately, this report lacks data on the selling price of this equipment. That data will have to be measured further, but with the alleged proximity of its official presentation, it will not be long until we know more details.


  1. Nice device is going to be launch soon by the father NOKIA soon.. That is wonderful.. Despite that they haven’t revealed all the specs.. It will be very cool..


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