Home NEWS Nokia 7 Plus has already started receiving Android Pie 9.0

Nokia 7 Plus has already started receiving Android Pie 9.0

Nokia 7 Plus has already started receiving Android Pie 9.0

The Android Pie has already come to some Nokia 7 Plus. The smartphone was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February and hit the market shortly thereafter. The new smartphone of the European company is having great success due to its quality/price.

While I may question a little bit about Nokia’s move and options in the input range with MediaTek processors, I have to admit that this Nokia 7 Plus is one of the best choices you can have in the market right now.

The device is not cheap, it is true, the device has the value of 450 € in most physical stores. However, it gives us quality specs, a very acceptable camera and yet Android One.

It’s this Android One that is shining. Nokia said that most of its equipment would receive the Android Pie 9.0 and some of the users are already starting to see results of their promises.

Some Nokia 7 Plus users have already received Android Pie

Although Nokia has not officially mentioned that Android Pie 9.0 was available for Nokia 7 Plus, there are many users who are already starting to receive the upgrade via OTA. That is, by the normal upgrade paths.

The changelog shows us that the terminal gives us “adaptive light battery”, “new ways to navigate your smartphone” and “Recommended Apps and Actions”. All these news were revealed by Google in the revelation of Android Pie 9.0.

Nokia 7 Plus on Android Pie 9.0


The “new ways to navigate your smartphone” refers to the gestures you’ll find instead of the physical buttons. Android Pie 9.0 followed the ideology of iOS with the swipes for interaction and navigation on the smartphone. At first, it’s a little tricky but soon you’ll be used to it.

The “Recommended Apps and Actions” is the new intelligence of Android Pie 9.0. The system will be able to identify your use and recommend the applications or action you will take next. If you connect the headphones, for example, Spotify will move to the front line in the application drawer.

If you have a Nokia 7 Plus and Android Pie has not yet arrived, do not despair. It’s only a matter of time before the update notification arrives.


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