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Nokia 7 now receives Android Oreo 8.1

The Nokia 7 was introduced by HMD Global last October, coming to market that same month. Initially, with Google’s Android Nougat, it now receives the latest version of the operating system, Android Oreo 8.1. Indeed, the new update for Android Oreo 8.1 arrives at the device introduced in late 2017, popular in Asian markets.

The mid-range device has been presented as an exclusive to China and there it stands. You now receive the latest version of Google’s operating system. This is version 8.1, present in 0.8% of all mobile devices that use this platform, data allusive to the month of May, 2018.

After the Google I / O 2018 conference  we get to know more details about Android P, the 9th version of this operating system. For now it is not complete yet it can be tested in its Beta versions  . Incidentally, your “brother” Nokia 7 Plus is one of those elected to such.

Nokia 7 is already receiving Android Oreo 8.1

Now for Nokia 7, the update for Android Oreo 8.1, stable, began to be distributed. This is a new firmware package (system software) with a total of 698MB. Taking into account its size we advise you to download it via Wi-Fi. Moreover, its distribution is being done over the air, in a gradual and phased way. It should also be noted that Nokia 7 requires at least 1402MB of free storage in order to install the latest version of Google’s operating system.

What brings Google’s Android Oreo 8.1 back to Nokia 7?

This version adds VoLTE (voice over LTE) functionality. Something that guarantees a better calling experience, now with support for both cards. Being this device a  dual-SIM is good to see that in both networks used we will have the best possible quality for the call.

What’s more, from now on Nokia 7 will also introduce you to the charging levels (battery) of devices connected via Bluetooth. Do not forget to unlock your smartphone via 2D facial recognition.

You will also have a Game Mode (do not disturb mode) so you do not get distracted during the sessions of PUGB or Fortnite, for example. What’s more, you will also have a new Professional Mode. New to the camera that will give you more control (manual) about your photos.

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It should also be noted that with Android Oreo 8.1 the theme applied to the smartphone will automatically adapt to the predominant tone on the wallpaper (wallpaper) applied. You’ll also have security enhancements with the addition of the May security patch.

In short, HMD Global continues to prove to be one of the best manufacturers in terms of making the updates (system and security) available.

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