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Nokia 6 receives Android Oreo stable update

Nokia 6 is receives Android Oreo stable update

The Nokia 6 will always be special for this new life of the Finnish company. This was his first smartphone released for the market with the Android operating system. Initially exclusive to the Chinese market, it took only a few months before it was also made available globally. Now, it is time for this smartphone to receive the stable version of Android Oreo.

One of the things we have to praise HMD Global for is its incredible work on software updates. The speed with which Nokia smartphones have received the new Android Oreo should be looked at seriously by many other companies in the industry.

A practical example of this is the fact that this mid-range device is already receiving the latest taste of Android. Take for example the two leaders in the Android market, whose most recent top of the range have not yet received the same version of their operating system.

Well, we know that the fact that Nokia smartphones use an interface very close to Android stock greatly favour this performance. Still, we have other companies with similar interfaces that cannot keep up with HMD Global’s work.

Now, after the trial period of Android Oreo for Nokia 6 is over, it is time to make the final and stable version available. After Nokia 6 2018 has received this same version of its operating system the middle of this month, it is now time for the version presented in 2017 to have the same treatment.

Nokia 6 Android Oreo System update


This update, with a size of 1659MB, is now coming to the Chinese and global versions of the smartphone. Your distribution will certainly be phased, as in so many other cases. This means that you may not have received Android Oreo yet. But do not worry the same will come very soon.

To carry out this update, we always advise you to download via a stable Internet connection, preferably via Wi-Fi. In terms of battery, at least 50% of the charge is advisable, so that no unforeseen events occur.In addition to all the new features inherent to Android Oreo, which we have already highlighted more than once, Nokia 6 is still entitled to further improvements. The company highlights the update of the Definitions interface, improvements in energy management and activity management in the background and an improvement in camera quality in low light conditions.


  1. That’s very very cool! Nokia users should go ahead and upgrade their devices to new version. Thanks a lot for the info.

  2. It’s really portable phone that do a lot of things, i really like this Nokia phone.. With 4G network o! That’s amazing 😃! Thanks for the info.


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