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Nokia 5 meets resistance test expectations

Nokia 5 meets resistance test expectations

The Nokia 5 was one of the mid-range that HMD Global introduced last February in the city of Barcelona. This was just one of the devices that brought Nokia back to the smartphone market, this time with the Android operating system. But will it honor the legacy that Finnish brand equipment has left behind?

One of Nokia’s brand images in its heyday was the strength and build quality of their equipment. This is still very present in the minds of those who once knew the brand’s products and expect nothing less than this reincarnation.

The models that were presented this year are pretty solid, with very good build quality. Those who have been subjected to the known resistance test JerryRigEverything have fulfilled the expectations of users. Does Nokia 5 follow the same path?

Of course yes! The Nokia 5 is the latest subject of the endurance test JerryRigEverything and the conclusions we can draw from it are expected. We are looking for a very well built and consequently resistant equipment.

Its metallic body gives you not only a premium aspect but also makes it not easily broken. Proof of this is the test made to the equipment, which does not damage its structure.

It is also important to remember that the upper and lower edges of the Nokia 5 are plastic coated. The choice of this material makes the network signal can penetrate the equipment, and will cushion any fall that the smartphone is subject.

Nokia will not let you look bad in the adversity of your day-to-day

The same applies to the camera of this Nokia 5 as well as the fingerprint sensor equipment. All these components are coated with a glass layer. Its 5.2-inch screen with glass Corning Gorilla Glass meets what is expected, ie, striking only at level 6. For your day to day, this means that it will not get scratched with mere coins or thy house keys.

These are the main conclusions that can be drawn from the strength test performed in this medium range. So you can see for yourself all the test, let your videos down, courtesy  JerryRigEverything.



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