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Nokia 3310 with 4G is coming! But for what?

Nokia 3310 with 4G for what reason you may ask am asking same question The Nokia 3310 is one of the most mythical smartphones in mobile history. The device was first launched officially in the year 2000 and needless to say it was one of the best selling handsets ever. At the time there were no smartphones and Nokia was able to make the 3310 appealing, resilient and with a User Interface much simpler than the competition.

After the disappearance of Nokia when bought by Microsoft, the band returned last year. Already without Microsoft behind, the Finnish company was free to create and reinvent its products. We had smartphones as the model “3”, “5”, “6” and “8” and we also officially saw the rebirth of the Nokia 3310.

Although the new 3310 has a camera and a color screen continues to be inspired by the old mobile phone. The model was introduced with the 2G version, later reached 3G and now Nokia is expected to launch Nokia 3310 with 4G.

Nokia 3310 With 4G Tenna


The 3310 with the 4G connection just passed the TENAA (Mobile Regulatory Entity in China) and everything indicates that the 3310 4G is right here at the door, but for what?

Nokia 3310 with 4G? Do we really need it?

As long as you have 4G you will not be able to do anything better than with others. Internet speed will be better, true, but it does not seem to me that the phone is pleasant even for a mere Google search.

In Nigeria we do not necessarily need a Nokia 3310 with 4G, however, the launch of this variant only serves to officially enter new markets. Many countries are slow to use the 2G network (the United States is one of them) and with the 5G here at the door, it is plausible that the 3G network takes the same path.

With a Nokia 3310 with 4G, we know that it will last us for a good year of quality communication.

The company now led by HMD has done an extraordinary job and I sincerely hope that this will continue in 2018.

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  1. Sincerely it’s not for Nigeria market.
    Many people will prefer to go for an android smartphone with 3G.
    Well thanks for info.

  2. harun Khalid adeiza

    I will like to explore as well @admin it’s indeed great device… hope its gonna be a better phone! 😊

  3. 4g on 3310, all fingers are crossed, we’re waiting

  4. I love it oo admin and I will be very happy having one of it

  5. Thanks for the update sir

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