Home NEWS ProPILOT Park: Nissan introduced slippers with a parking function

ProPILOT Park: Nissan introduced slippers with a parking function

ProPILOT Park Nissan introduced slippers with a parking function

Famous Japanese automaker Nissan has introduced ProPILOT Park’s proprietary parking technology into the most common slippers of the ProPILOT Park Ryokan hotel complex. These slippers are able to “park” on their own when they are casually removed and left out of place.

In addition to slippers in the video, you can see pillows, tables, consoles and many other items that automatically return to their places after use. All of them are equipped with small wheels for movement.



Note that in 2016, Nissan did something similar, introducing office chairs with the function of parking.

Obviously, all this is nothing more than a creative advertising of the technology of parking space ProPILOT Park, used in cars Nissan. But the company has other interesting developments. In particular, Nissan offers to use in self-controlled cars special headsets, allowing to scan the brain activity of the driver and passengers to determine their condition. The development was called Brain-to-Vehicle. With its help, the car can be adjusted for the driver. For example, if he is too nervous or aggressive, the car will take additional security measures to avoid emergency situations.


  1. This is very fantastic news! Nissan introduced a great technology ever.. It’s really awesome and Thanks for the info boss.

  2. So damn woow! Are you kidding me! The video is charming my head! Technology! O my God. This is very interesting info. Thanks for the info boss! Look at the chairs lol


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