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Nintendo Switch. Rocket League will be free and we already know the official date!

Despite being a game for very specific tastes, the Rocket League has managed over the years to conquer millions of players worldwide. Now, after Psyonix studio revealed that the Rocket League would be available for free on all platforms, Nintendo stepped forward and revealed the date in advance.

Through the publication of the official trailer for Rocket League on its YouTube channel, it has been officially confirmed that the game will be available completely free on Nintendo Switch from September 23. You will need to wait just a week to install this extremely competitive game without spending a cent.

If you were thinking about buying the Rocket League, don’t waste money!

The Rocket League is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, offering its players a cross platform experience to make many games jealous. However, in order to have immediate access to the game you will need to pay around € 20, but do not make that mistake.

Such as has now been confirmed, the game will be available completely free within a week. Although it has not been confirmed by the studio, it is possible that they will offer some “gifts” to those who invested money to access the game. However, these gifts should also be available to those who purchase the game for free.

No information has yet been revealed on a possible expansion of the game to the new generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but this is expected to happen. Possibly, Psyonix will reveal information on this matter during the announcement of the Rocket League’s move to the “Free” category.

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