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Nintendo Switch – More than 20 million units sold

Nintendo Switch - More than 20 million units sold

Nintendo has again entered the portable console market with a Nintendo Switch which, according to the numbers, has captured about 20 million consumers.

Although your fiscal year is something different from the calendar year, since it starts in April, the truth is that the number presented earlier is quite different from the company’s goal for the current year. That is, as of April, almost two million units have been sold.

However, the Nintendo Switch should be acquired 20 million times by March of the year to come. From April to the end of August, at least 5 million units should have been sold.

Well, figures aside, the great truth is that this is a very malleable indicator. That is, if Nintendo starts to run promotional campaigns on your console, you can reach – and exceed – the goal you want. However, you will have smaller profits.

Nintendo Switch is already the favorite of many!

Likewise, what really matters is, after all, how many users have switched to Switch instead of other consoles. And of course, why choose the more futuristic consoles – in the minds of many – instead of an Xbox or PlayStation.

Undoubtedly it will be worth to understand how, from now on, this whole theme will evolve. Over time, Nintendo will only tend to upgrade the Switch, from the content it contains, as well as the console itself. Therefore, until a given limit – far from being reached – more consoles will be sold (or purchased).


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