Home NEWS Nintendo Switch lite is official! Meet the new portable console

Nintendo Switch lite is official! Meet the new portable console

Nintendo Switch lite is official! Meet the new portable console
Nintendo Switch lite is official! Meet the new portable console

A smaller version of the Nintendo Switch has come up in rumors in recent months but nothing has been confirmed so far. However, Nintendo officialized the Nintendo Switch Lite, the ultimate portable console. In its YouTube channel, Nintendo has posted a video showing the look and performance of the new console.

According to Nintendo, this new console is supposed to be a complement to the original Nintendo Switch. In addition, it also represents an alternative for those who want a smaller console. The Nintendo Switch Lite will arrive in September with a value that is around 199 euros.

Smaller, portable design

The appearance of the new console is essentially a normal Nintendo Switch with smaller size and weight. The screen has been reduced from 6.2 to 5.5 inches. The resolution remains in HD (1280 x 720). The Joy-Con commands are not detachable although you can use them separately.

The back support to keep the console standing has been removed since it is a handheld or manual console. Nintendo claims that the battery life has been slightly improved over the original version.

In addition, Nintendo took the opportunity to correct the directional buttons on the Switch Lite. The original Switch has 4 separate buttons that may not offer the best gameplay. In the Switch Lite there is the ‘D-pad’ format, similar to the classic consoles.


The Nintendo Switch Lite will have the same performance as the normal Switch

During the promotional video, it is possible to see people playing games like Super Smash Bros. and Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Thus, we can conclude that the name ‘Lite’ only has influence on the size of the console, not on performance.

Nintendo has confirmed that you will be able to use the same accessories as the original Switch. This includes the detachable Joy-Con commands, the Switch Pro command, and the Poké Ball Plus.

The console has some limitations

As a console dedicated to 100% portable use, do not expect the Nintendo Switch Lite to connect to the television. Nintendo explains that this feature has been removed to make the console as practical as possible.

In addition, certain games that use motion controls like 1-2 Switch and Mario Odyssey require normal Joy-Con commands, which you’ll have to buy separately. In any case, Nintendo Switch Lite is compatible with all the games of the current Switch.


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