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Nike presented sneakers “Adapt BB” with automatic lacing

Sneakers with automatic lacing have long been an impossible dream, but now it will change.

In 2019, Nike will finally solve the problem of all people who find it difficult to find comfortable shoes. Basketball sneakers Nike Adapt BB can change the size of your foot. Sneakers can be controlled through a smartphone application, and they can adapt themselves to you. Nike writes that a basketball player’s foot can change in size during the game, and new sneakers will be able to adjust to it.

We chose basketball as the first sport for the Nike Adapt due to the player’s particularities. During the usual game of basketball player’s foot changes, and new sneakers can quickly adapt to it. They will become freer for better blood circulation, and then shrink back. We believe that this will facilitate the game.

When you put on the shoe on the foot, it will automatically determine its size and adjust to it. According to the company, the system works with a force of up to 32 pounds, which can be correlated with a standard parachute cord. This is necessary in order to protect the leg during movement.

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You can also use FitAdapt technology to manage your sneakers through an iOS app.

For example, during a time-out, the player will be able to weaken the sneakers, and squeeze them again before the game. In the future, you can even set an automatic pressure change. In addition, over time, updates will become available with new features that will make sneakers even more convenient.

The sneakers have a built-in 505 mAh battery that can be charged wirelessly using Nike charging, made specifically for these sneakers. The battery can work from 10 to 20 days after one charge.

Nike Adapt BB

New sneakers Adapt BB can be ordered now, and they cost $ 350. Deliver sneakers will start from February 16.

This is a great idea, and the sneakers themselves look beautiful. The basketball players will love this technology. The price is quite high, but for such technology, it is not a pity to give money.

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