Home NEWS Next OnePlus smartphone will get a completely new design.

Next OnePlus smartphone will get a completely new design.

Next OnePlus smartphone will get a completely new design`

The first image of the next OnePlus smartphone appeared on the network. The other day the device was demonstrated on a spy photo with a closed presentation inside the company, and now it can be viewed in detail. According to preliminary data, the device will be radically different from all previous models of the manufacturer.

Spy photo with a demonstration of the new smartphone OnePlus

In the photo from the office OnePlus you can see an unknown smartphone on the screen, as well as on the table and in the hands of the head of the company Pita Lau. A feature of the gadget has become a dark round element on the back side. Interestingly, on two devices it is at different heights – probably, these are engineering samples. Until now, it was not clear what is in this circle and how the smartphone looks from the front. The new render answers these questions:

As you can see, almost the entire front side is occupied by a display, in the upper corner of which there is a hole for the front camera, as in Huawei nova 4 and Samsung Galaxy A8s . Much more interest is the reverse side, where there are four cameras in the black circle at once. Their characteristics have not been disclosed yet, but judging by the trend, one of them may be wide-angle. Between the lenses is extremely unusual flash.

It is known that in the beginning of 2019, OnePlus plans to release a smartphone on a Snapdragon 855 with 5G support, which will be more expensive than the current models for $ 200-300. The company also hinted that OnePlus 7 without 5G is in development. Which of these devices is represented on the images is unknown.


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