Home NEWS Next-generation Google Home will have new touch features

Next-generation Google Home will have new touch features

Next-generation Google Home will have new touch features

Google Home was the first device developed by the American company with the sole intention of bringing Google Assistant to its users. Already this year saw the presentation of the Mini version of this speaker that offers us almost all the potential of the first, but with a more minimalist design and a price more in an account.

This is the kind of accessories you can put on your desk or desk and make use of Google’s Artificial Intelligence. Its operation is all done through voice commands.

With the technological evolution we have seen over the last few years, it will be a matter of time before a new generation of Google Home is introduced. In what way it will stand out from the current generation will be something to discover over time.

But today we have a clue as to what is to come. Apparently, the American company should provide the next generation of Google Home with multi-touch capabilities. This conclusion is taken from a job posting recently published by the company.

The new Google Home could thus have a small touchscreen

This claim by the person responsible for Android is no longer new. In the past Rishi Chandra, vice president of Google Home, had already hinted that the company wanted to integrate a touch module in this type of equipment, saying they want to “make sure we do it right.”In that same announcement, Google is looking for a “Touch Sensor Hardware Engineer,” an engineer who specializes in touch-sensitive hardware. In his description, it is said that the selected person will work on the development of the next generation of hardware of the company and that it will lead the development of a touch module and its integration with Google Home.

To realize this newness, the next Home can count on a wide range of potentialities and hopefully it looks better than the Amazon Echo Show.


  1. Awesome update from Google.. They are always improving and their update is always impressive.. Meanwhile thanks for the update.


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