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News from the Android Q: new icons, fonts, accents, WPA3, 5G and many new permissions

News from the Android Q new icons, fonts, accents, WPA3, 5G and many new permissions

A few days ago, through AOSP, a first leaked version of Android Q is available,  which in the attentive hands of many experts is unveiling many innovations, which begin to outline the picture of what could be expected with the new release of the green robot.

After the anticipations of the week scora the continuous analysis of the code has brought to light many novelties, although it is certainly not 100% that we will find them in the final version, which will probably be available to the public by the end of the summer. So let’s summarize the many innovations found in the code.

Fonts, icons and color accents

Android has received the first draft of management of the themes with Android 8.0 Oreo and it seems that Android Q can resume the issue by increasing the possibilities of customization. There are some overlays based on Sony’s OMS (Overlay Manager Service) and adapted to the latest updates.

Sony has in fact brought a system update to the AOSP, with  idmap2 which introduces the overlay categories. Google is currently testing three of these categories, fonts, icons and color accents. In the code leaked in recent days there are two fonts, Arvolato and Rubik, four icon shapes, Rounded Rectangle, Square, Squircle and Teardrop, and three color accents, black, green and purple.

Icon shapes are not only applied in the launcher, as seen in the past, but in every component of the system, including settings and Quick Settings. In the gallery below you can see a series of examples of what’s new in overlays.

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At the moment there is no section that allows you to set the overlays, which must be activated via ADB commands. However, it is not certain that Google decides to keep them in future versions of Android Q  or that it introduces new settings.

Screen recording

After simplifying the capture of screenshots in Android 9 Pie, Google is ready to introduce a system of recording the screen, with the ability to record a  voiceover to comment on the recorded content. At the end of the recording, it will be possible to share the video with other applications.

Android 10 and Emergency button

The demo mode suggests that  Android Q may be version 10 of Android. The time on the screen, visible in the gallery below, seems decidedly explicit.

After adding the screenshot button in the power menu, Google also adds an emergency button, which allows you to quickly activate the keypad for urgent calls, without having to go through the lock screen.

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In the Quick Settings a new “Sensor Privacy” entry appears that should allow the deactivation of all those sensors that are not normally managed by the airplane mode. At the moment the descriptions are not clear and do not help to understand the exact functioning.

A new popup should appear at the bottom of the screen when an application is using the microphone, positioning system or other privacy-related features, with the ability to perform some actions.

WiFi and 5G networks

Android Q is preparing to introduce support to the WPA3 security standard and 5G networks, with the necessary indicators that will be visible in the status bar.


Along with the new features, Android Q will inevitably introduce new permissions, to ensure access by the system and applications. New permission could be introduced to prevent applications from accessing the clipboard in the background. Only applications signed by manufacturers could obtain this access permit, thus avoiding to risk their personal data such as passwords, codes, email addresses and more.

New permissions also suggest the possibility of downgrading applications. Imagine you just installed an update that blocks an application: so far it was necessary to wait for a new version, or remove the update and manually install the app with an apk file. With Android Q it may be possible to return to the previous version in a simple way, provided that the permissions for this operation are present.

They could also change things with regard to access permissions to external storage. Currently, applications can only write in the folder defined by their package, but with the new version of Android could be introduced more extensive permissions, to access multimedia content.

With Android Q it may return permission to access the location by applications working in the background, along with a new permission to recognize physical activity. The latter is already present in Google Play Services but could be released for better management.


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