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New Way of Purchasing Swisscoin Packages With Bitcoin

This is a timely update regarding how to purchase a package from Swisscoin. A lot of updates has been going on, Swisscoin Blockchain is in test stage and will be unveiled during the International Convention scheduled to take place in Dubai on 9th of April 2017.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that you can no longer transfer fund directly via e-wallet; hence, the purchase of packages is now directed through PAYMENT ID, and the package and tokens will be credited directly to your account.  To purchase your swisscoin pack using bitcoin, you need to go through these easy to understand steps below;

 How Can I Buy Swisscoin packages Using Bitcoin?
>>Go to https://swisscoin.eu and login with your credentials
>>click on Shop and add any of the pack you wish to purchase to cart, check out and choose Bitcoin as your option of funding
>>You’ll notice a blue button by the right side (Click on it to get your Payment ID)
>>Send your bitcoin cash to swisscoin wallet address: 1R5Z1taSRhjegprZeLtnxrz2CLuUj7K2C (as displayed on your dashboard)
What Next?
Send a mail to accounting@swisscoin.eu supplying the following information;
1.Your BitCoin address from where you send the payment
2. Your user’s name and the surname which is deposited in “My Data” and PAYMENT ID from Description
3. And the amount you have sent.
4. The transaction number and the time you sent the money
Once they receive your mail, they’ll cross check and fund your e-wallet accordingly. 


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