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New update of Pokemon Go gives new life to the application

New update of Pokemon Go gives new life to the application

Despite not having the fame and popularity of that epic summer of two years ago, Pokemon Go remains one of the most popular games with thousands of active players every day.

However, even with the various events and new features, it seems that the game was once again becoming unattractive for users. Therefore, Niantic has now released a new update, which may prove to be the most important in the history of Pokemon Go.

This new update will only bring the most important news for smartphones that support ARCore. For the new features are specifically centered around their augmented reality capabilities.

With the new update and implementation of the new “AR +” mode, you’ll be able to experience great improvements in how you catch Pokemon and how they interact with your presence.

Pokemon Go will now offer you a unique gaming experience with the new update

In the classic mode in the game since its release, Pokemons do not appear fixed in a single point in the environment that surrounds you, and clearly do not show any reaction to your presence. This ultimately makes the whole interaction uninteresting and realistic.

With the implementation of the “AR +” mode, the Pokemon will be fixed in a single point, even being possible to walk around. In addition, you will quickly realize that they will come to realize that you are approaching.


Through this new capability, Niantic has introduced a new mechanic so you can capture new “friends”. Now, you’ll need to be very careful if you really want him not to “hit the floor.” In order to control your attack, you need to be aware of the new meter above the Pokemon.

Without a doubt, ARCore is the biggest technological breakthrough by Google in the augmented reality segment. However, although it has shown quite promising, it has not made great strides during the last year.

Pokemon Go in Action


Hopefully, this implementation by Niantic will ultimately give a  considerable boost to this technology. Of course, its use in a game as popular as Pokemon Go will help give it due attention from other companies.

In case you’re not sure if your smartphone supports ARCore, you can visit the official Google support page


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