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New trailer for Torchlight 3 shows more of the game universe

The video showed details of character classes, enemies, rewards, and more

A new trailer for Torchlight 3 shows players how vast and diverse the game universe will be. Adventurers will encounter varied races such as magicians, powerful warriors, archers, and even a defense robot equipped with two agile swords, in addition to other elements that define a fantasy world.

In Torchlight 3, a century has passed since the events of Torchlight II, where the great heroes defeated The Dark Alchemist and sealed the heart of the Netherlord within the Mechanical Core. The heroes brought peace to the world of Novastraia, but now the Ember Empire is on the verge of collapse, as it is under threat of invasion by the Netherim and their allies. See all the details about the fantasy world in the new Torchlight 3 trailer.

Features of Torchlight 3

  • Travel across the Border : players will be able to explore the jungle, party with friends, gather materials to create loot, use magic maps to enter unknown dungeons or display their loot in the city! There will always be something to do on the new frontier.
  • Build and upgrade your fort: upgrade your Device and make renovations to show off to your friends and the world. The game will allow you to build monuments of power, pet stables, and more.
  • Choose a relic: relics are objects of great power and grant a set of active and passive skills. The relic will be an important part of a character’s strategy – choose wisely.
  • Collect epic gear: dress in a robust array of armor and weapons found at the border, including charming hats, pet clothing, and exclusive walking options.
  • Pets are back: players will be able to fight to reach fame and glory with loyal companions! Each of the many species comes in a multitude of colors and styles, so adventurers should not be content with the first one they encounter.
  • Build Your Hero: With four classes to choose from, along with 20 class combinations and Relics, each combination will offer a unique style of play and a wide range of options from which to place skill points.

The title comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 13 while the Nintendo Switch version will be available at a later time in 2020.

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