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New Poco F confirmed! Is this the true successor to the Pocophone F1?

The Pocohpone F1 was a smartphone with enormous success in the market due to its quality / price ratio. However, the Poco F2 Pro failed to continue this success largely because of its price.

For those who were disappointed with what the Poco F2 Pro is, here is a news that you want will please. Those responsible for Poco India confirmed that a new element of the Poco F line is already under development.

Unfortunately, the executives at the Poco branch did not give any further details about the next Poco F. They did not give us any clue of what to expect from this new smartphone, but everyone hopes that it can revive the formula that conquered the market in 2018.

Pocophone F1

Back to Poco to bet in a top of the range with unbeatable price?

This is not the first to hear about the launch of a new Poco smartphone that will honor the legacy created by the Pocophone F1. Xiaomi has already admitted that the Poco F2 Pro failed in that goal and intends to remedy things with the launch of a new model.

Basically, what is revealed today is that a new smartphone from the Poco F line is already being developed. And hopefully this device will be able to fulfill the promise that Xiaomi left.

To do this, Poco will have to develop a smartphone with high-end features, but with a price seriously below the main competitors. To put it in context, the Pocophone F1 was launched with a price of around 300 €.

Currently, already it is not so simple to achieve this feat, because the components are increasingly expensive. In that sense, do not expect that an Device with the philosophy that everyone wants will have a sublime build quality and features like super fast loading.

It is important to wait for more details regarding the next Poco F. Now that its development has been openly confirmed, it should not be long before the subject is discussed again.

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