Home NEWS New iPad Pro bursts with competition in benchmarks

New iPad Pro bursts with competition in benchmarks

New iPad Pro bursts with competition in benchmarks

Cupertino’s technology has renewed its high-end tablet alignment with the new Apple iPad Pro. However, one of the best surprises is right inside the tablets on the new A12X processor.

In this sense, we now have the first scores, the first results of benchmarks. Here is clear the advantage and improvements made by the company of Tim Cook compared to previous generations of their tablets.

Firstly, as the brand has accustomed us, their tablets end up having an enhanced version of the latest smartphone processor. In this sense, we have the  Apple A12X Bionic, its new mobile platform for the Apple iPad Pro.

In this sense, even before the products hit the market, we began to see their scores on test platforms. Therefore we can now check the performance of the Apple iPad Pro on the Geekbench platform as well as find out some more details on both.

Apple shows the supremacy of its A12X processor

Here, first we can see that the smallest of the new Apple iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM. Secondly we can also gauge that the largest of the new tablets is equipped with a total of 6GB of RAM. However, the most impressive fact is even his Geekbench score, here at around 18,000 points. Then we can see the scores table as well as the main features of both tablets.

Starting with the 11-inch Apple iPad Pro we have 4,987 in the single-core tests. Thus surpassing the new iPhone XS as well as the XS Max that registered 4800 points.

Apple iPad Pro is available in two versions – 11 and 12.9 inches

On the other hand, the Apple iPad Pro of 12.9 inches ended up scoring a little more, with 5020 points. Something that is due not only to the Bionic A12X processor as well as to the 6GB of RAM present in this device.

In short, recalling the words of the brand itself, the new tablets show a 50% improvement in performance compared to its predecessors. Not to mention that they surpass any and all competition from the “world” Android.

On a final note, if you want the new iPad Pro you’ll have to shell out €909 for the smaller version, here with 11 inches. The 12.9-inch model will cost €1129  in its base version.


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