It’s not too late for tweakers!! Today we have a new MTN 750mb Imei for you guys, alot of tweakers in our whatsapp groups received their own 750MB, Some of them use SMS Bomber to accumulate more data on one sim. Now get ready to tweak and get yours from MTN.

Note: Tweaking is not for lazy people, so you have to patient and keep on trying.

How to Get Free 750mb from MTN

Just tweaks your Android phone IMEI with this Fresh Imei
Make sure you change the last 3 or 4 digits and use imei analyzer to validate your imei

After successful tweaking

Send mifi to 131

And you will receive a respond from MTN if is positive response Congratulation but if is negative response don’t tweak another imei and try again

Send 2 to 131 to check your data bundle.
Valid for 3months



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