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New Google Chromecast is official and brings features you’ll love

Rumors about the new Google Chromecast model have been around since May and have intensified over the past few weeks. Today, it was finally the day the company unveiled all the secrets.

The new hdmi dongle is now even more interesting, and if it was already one of the most popular gadgets, now it will return to the limelight. One of the most talked about news was the addition of Bluetooth support, and that’s exactly what we got.

Over the past few weeks, at least two units of the new Google Chromecast have been sold in error. Eventually confirming some of the details early. One of the confirmations is referring to its design. This new model arrives more exquisite, presenting a matte finish and with a much more discreet logo of the brand in the center.

Like the previous models, the new Google Chromecast will continue to be the best option for you to easily transmit your multimedia content to your television.

New Google Chromecast arrives with great Bluetooth functionality

This model will feature hardware enhancements that will surely make gadget fans quite satisfied. To begin with, it features a superior Wi-Fi modem, which will enable higher-quality wireless connections. So the whole experience of using it will be more fluid than ever.

But, beyond any doubt, the novelty that was most talked about was even Bluetooth integration. From now on, with this new model, you’ll be able to pair your Bluetooth accessories directly with Google Chromecast.

For example, if you are casting a movie for your television and do not want to bother anyone, you will be able to connect your Bluetooth headphones without any problem. It may seem like a little flashy addition, but you’ll quickly realize just how useful it can be.

Google Chromecast in PackqGoogle Chromecast in Pack


One of the most interesting news, made possible by the addition of Bluetooth, is the connection of a wireless command. In this way, you’ll be able to play your favorite games from your smartphone, directly on the big screen of your television. Better yet, you will not need to use the touch controls of your smartphone, but rather a physical command. This will guarantee you the best gaming experience possible.

As for its price, as expected would continue to present itself with the same value of its predecessor, about 30 €. The new Google Chromecast will start shipping as of tomorrow. As we already know, the stores are already prepared for this same event.

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