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New gameplay of Back 4 Blood shows a lot of bloodiness

Turtle Rock Studios and Warner Bros. Games revealed new gameplay of Back 4 Blood to show all the title’s bloodiness. Regarded as “a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead”, the game will bring intense combat for survival in which it will be possible to use the most varied weapons to fight the waves of dangerous monsters.

This time, the developer offered more details about the gameplay of Back 4 Blood, such as special cards and perks that give active or passive benefits. Besides, players will be able to switch between the Device and explore the scenarios to discover the best combat points.

Back 4 Blood gameplay is cooperative.

According to Turtle Rock Studios, the gameplay of Back 4 Blood will work to be “a strongly cooperative experience in which players will need to help each other to survive the challenges.” Apparently, the company will bring Evolve the concept of teamwork.

The game’s design director, Chris Ashton, commented on expectations for the new game. Despite Evolve’s failure, everyone is excited about the future.

We will return to the genre that allowed the birth of our studio with over 10 additional years of experience and ideas about zombies in our heads.

Creative director Phil Robbs made it clear to fans that the company intends to develop ideas and not allow them to settle with the previous game.

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