New concept video iOS 13 with 40+ new features

Watching concept videos and photos is always interesting, especially quality ones. In addition, they always add hope that Apple will borrow the best ideas from them.

Most concept videos demonstrate possible changes. This also applies to this video from iOS 13 with Dark Mode and other changes and improvements. The new version of the system will be released this year. In the video, we can also see the new Siri interface and improved volume control.

One of the most desirable features for iPhone models with OLED displays is the “always-on” display, like on Android smartphones. On the video, there is a similar function that always displays the date and time on the screen and four more “add-ons” that can be customized. For example, you can instantly recognize the weather.

The concept also has support for multiple users for the iPad, a new interface for Apple Music, Cameras, Siri, etc. It is even possible to protect specific applications using Face ID . This feature was recently added to WhatsApp.

It is rumored that with iOS 13 Apple will introduce Dark Mode, as well as many new features for the iPad. The new version of the system will be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2019, which starts on June 3.


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