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New beta iOS 12 contains images of a new cover for AirPods

The new fifth beta version of iOS 12 contains images of an updated cover for wireless charging of AirPods. For the first time, a new cover was presented last year, but its output was postponed together with a stand for charging AirPower. Both devices should finally be released this year. The detected images show a new cover for the AirPods with an LED indicating the charging status. If you can recognize the charging status of AirPods without opening the cover, then it will be able to work with AirPower.

The images show a cover with a green light of the bulb, indicating that it is fully charged, and yellow – charging is still in progress.
The current model of headphones is called AirPods1.1, and the new one will be called AirPods1,2. However, Apple has not yet confirmed that headphones will be updated along with the case.
It is already known that the owners of the current AirPods will be able to buy a new case separately.
For the first time the stand for charging AirPower was presented in September of last year, and it was supposed to be released at the beginning of this year. However, due to problems with production, the output of the stand was postponed until the fall of this year. It will certainly be released simultaneously with the AirPods 2018.
In June, information appeared that in 2019 Apple will release new award-winning AirPods, a new version of HomePod and headphones for the studio.
According to sources, Apple wants to release premium AirPods with noise reduction and water resistance, as well as a longer range of action. Protection from water is not designed so that you can listen to music while swimming, it is needed to protect against rain. Also, biometric sensors can be added to track the heartbeat, etc.
Technically, these will be AirPods 3 generations, as new AirPods should come out this year too. They will have a new processor, as well as support for activating Siri voice command.
Apple should release iOS 12 in September this year, along with new versions of macOS , tvOS and watchOS. A new Apple technique should be presented around this time. New iOS devices and Mac computers will be introduced.

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