New anti-piracy protection has thrown its first challenge to hackers

Today, coders around the world have an exciting day: the first game was released, using a new and not yet studied protection system. Denuvo, which has been keeping the peace of mind of publishers for many years, has long ceased to be something irresistible for pirates. Hackers can easily get rid of the familiar DRM, forcing companies to abandon vulnerable software. Now, another fighter has appeared in the arena who will fight for a just cause, Valeroa.

The creators of Valeroa announced their offspring a few months ago, but until that point, users had no opportunity to see it with their own eyes. November 29, the technology debuted in City Patrol: Police. On the Reddit portal, there is already a heated discussion, so the protection will definitely not be left unattended by the coders. Remarkably, earlier the developers promised to report on pirates to the appropriate authorities. Now the site says that “we have no problems with organized groups or individuals who hack Valeroa after its weakening.” 

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The authors of Valeroa claim that their product does not affect performance does not require an internet connection, and does not affect the end user: it does not continuously access the hard disk, does not install additional software, and does not prevent the game from being re-installed daily. According to the developers, their system is extremely difficult to hack before the release and the first time after the release, but after a while the protection weakens. Let’s see if hackers can beat the novelty.


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