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Netflix reaches 200 million subscribers and reveals impressive numbers

The Netflix streaming platform revealed its figures for the last quarter of 2020. As predicted, it exceeded 200 million subscribers globally, having already reached 203.66 million.

Netflix accounted for 8.5 million new subscribers in the last quarter 2020

During this last quarter of 2020, Netflix had 8.5 million new subscribers. And if in 2019 it had collected a total of 28 million new subscribers, in the last year it reached 37 million.

Given these figures, Netflix revealed revenues of $ 6.64 million (something like 5.48 million euros) during the last quarter. Still, Netflix’s earnings per share fell short of expectations: everything pointed to $ 1.39 per share, but they only reached $ 1.19.

Netflix had more competition than ever in 2020

These numbers are impressive in a year in which Netflix started to have more competition than ever in this market. If HBO, Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV + continued to consolidate, services like Disney + emerged.

This is a market that will continue to fragment in 2021, but Netflix hopes to maintain its prominent position. The streaming platform expects to receive at least 6 million new subscribers during this first quarter of the year.

Remember that in 2021, Netflix expects to release a new movie every week. And the company is getting closer and closer to achieving free cash flow, considering the share buyback already. This made investors excited and, as a subscriber, I hope that in 2021 we will also be all excited about the new content.

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