NetEase Games opens Japanese studio to create next-gen games

NetEase Games, a Chinese company focused on PC and mobile experiences, decided to enter the console market. The company announced the opening of Ouka Studio, a developer based in Tokyo, Japan. The company will focus on creating games aimed at the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

In the press release it is explained that a director with experience in the development of console games will lead the team. In addition, “it will create high-quality titles with Japanese gamers and build a new future” for the industry.

Ouka Studio is already looking for qualified people to compose the team. The producer wants directors, game designers, engineers, graphic engineers, artists and chief artists. Also according to the statement, the schedule will be flexible, allowing employees to have a “good balance” between work and personal life. If you think you have the required profile, you can try your luck by clicking here .

NetEase Games was fully focused on games for the markets in Japan, China and the United States. For those unfamiliar, the company is responsible for the development of Diablo Immortal, a mobile title from Blizzard revealed in 2018.

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