Home NEWS Netbook Samsung infected with malware is being auctioned for $ 1.1 million

Netbook Samsung infected with malware is being auctioned for $ 1.1 million

Netbook Samsung infected with malware is being auctioned for $ 1.1 million
Netbook Samsung infected with malware is being auctioned for $ 1.1 million

How much would you pay for a Samsung Netbook infected with six malware that in the past caused financial damage valued at $ 95 billion? It sounds like a lie, but you can believe it: there are people willing to shell out more than $ 1.1 million for the device.

The Netbook in question, the 10.2-inch blue 10.1-inch model NC10-14GB, is being auctioned by artist Guo O Dong in partnership with cyber-security company Deep Instinct. They say the item should serve the buyer as a “work of art or for academic reasons,” as it is stuffed with malicious programs that can cause damage, alteration, or stealing information from the computer.

“As a buyer, you acknowledge that this work poses a potential security risk. By submitting a bid, you agree and acknowledge that you do not intend to disclose any such malware,” the statement said. auction site.

Salespeople also point out that before the computer is shipped, the available Internet resources and ports will be functionally disabled. The Netbook is being called The Persistence Of Chaos (or The Persistence of Chaos, in free translation). According to the site, the equipment was isolated and suspended to prevent the spread of malware.

Users entering the auction platform even find a live stream of the computer, which is positioned on top of a pedestal. In the video, a “macabre” visual effect makes the Netbook look like a cursed object.

These are the six malware that are running on Persistence Of Chaos:

WannaCry: The ransomware virus promoted a worldwide attack in May 2017, requiring payment of a rescue in crypto-currency to give the user control of the computer. WannaCry has infected 200,000 devices in more than 150 countries. 

BlackEnergy: Malware uses sophisticated techniques and robust encryption to cause cyber attacks. In 2007, it distributed bots to run attacks via email spam, but it was evolving until it was able to directly infect local application data folders. This version of the malware was responsible for a major blackout in Ukraine in December 2015.

ILOVEYOU: first appeared in May 2000 and spread by sending an email to each person in the contact list of infected users with the attachment ‘LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs.’ Opening the attachment would start a script that would replace random types of files, such as Office files, image files, and audio files. The malware affected more than 500,000 computers and caused damage estimated at $ 15 billion. 

Mydoom: started in January 2004 and is still the fastest email malware of all time. He was sending junk mail using infected computers. Rumors indicate that the cyberattack was created by Russians and caused damages of $ 38 billion. 

SoBig:is a malware that began infecting computers in August 2003 via email. It can copy files, send emails to other people and damage computer software and hardware. It shut itself down on September 10, 2003, but affected hundreds of thousands of devices and accounted for $ 37 billion in losses.

DarkTequila: exists since 2013 and affects computers mainly in Latin America. The malware steals bank credentials, corporate data, and personal computer information and is transmitted through phishing or infected pen drives.

If you’re interested in bidding on the Netbook, you’d better hurry: the auction ends in less than six hours. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the sellers.


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