NASA gave Nokia millions of euros to bring 4G to the Moon


Nokia received a good amount from NASA to transform our only natural satellite, Lua, into a better communicated location.

The goal is to create a platform to communicate with speeds identical to our 4G on the Moon. An “internal” communication or astronaut calls directly to Earth.

NASA gave 12 Millions of Euros to Nokia to make this possible

Lua e planeta Terra

This investment is made only to find a way to manage to transform the Moon into a more “communicable” place and not exactly for put the Moon on the fastest 4G plan.

Still, it is an investment to consider. NASA has already said that the next step for Man will be the Moon and not Mars. And that before we investigate what is on another planet, it is time to return to the Moon and create a fixed base for Humanity.

We do not know yet how Nokia will approach this investment. Obviously, it is not as simple to install 4G on the Moon as it is on Earth.

In other words, it is not enough to just get “out there” and stick an antenna on the ground and that’s it. In order to communicate more quickly and effectively between the Earth and the Moon, the challenge is great.

4G on the Moon until 2028

NASA believes that in 2028 you have astronauts stepping on the moon and starting to build your base. Therefore, Nokia has half a dozen years to discover a viable way to bring a greater connection to the Moon.

It is no longer the first time that Nokia dreams of conquering the Moon. things didn’t go very well. Hopefully things will happen this time.

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