Home GAMES ‘Narcos’ will have its video game for consoles

‘Narcos’ will have its video game for consoles

'Narcos' will have its video game for consoles
The Narcos game of the Netflix series that will be released in 2019 will be available for PS4, One, PC and Switch

Curve Digital announced that it will launch the official video game of the hit series Narcos, which recounts chapter after chapter the story of Pablo Escobar, the renowned Colombian drug trafficker and politician.

The company responsible for making the adaptation will be Kuju (which is part of Digital Curve) and aims to move from a realistic universe to one where the limits for the Cali cartel do not exist.

We hope to create a game that really suits the original script of the Netflix series, said Brynley Gibson, spokesman for Kujo.

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For his part, Jason Perkins, head of Curve Digital, has shown his enthusiasm in social networks for the video game.

Narcos is a fantastic license that lends itself perfectly to a videogame. We are very happy and proud to take it to the market.

According to data published by the company, the game will be available in the spring of 2019 for PS4, One, PC and Switch.


  1. Another nice game to emerge again.. Cant wait to see..
    The little clips is interesting. Which shows the game will be very tough.

  2. Wow. This is really cool game! Very action game, hope they quickly launch it.. Though, I won’t have any means to play it Sha..


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