Motorola Virtual Viewer, the next Moto Snap for Moto Z3

Motorola Virtual Viewer, the next Moto Snap for Moto Z3

Motorola would be the only manufacturer that would achieve some success in implementing a modular ideology for its smartphones. Complementing the smartphones with Moto Mods or Moto Snaps and not fragmenting the device like did LG in its G5. Now to enhance the Virtual Reality experience Motorola will bring a Motorola Virtual Viewer to their Android mobile devices. This Moto Snap can come with the Moto Z3.

The images of these Moto Snaps Motorola Virtual Viewer were shared by Evan Blass on his Twitter. Blass has already accustomed us to various information leaks and has an impeccable reliability record. Now we have a new device attachable to the Android smartphones of the Moto Z line. ” Blass dix it ”

At this time Motorola is working on developing its next range of  Android flagships. They will be the Moto Z3 with likely presentation during August or July 2018. Until then, Evan Blass shows us this new Moto Snap, the Motorola Virtual Viewer.

It will be the largest of modular accessories since the Moto Mod ideology (Moto Snap in Brazil) was presented by the brand in 2016. However, Lenovo, owner of Motorola, has developed quite a lot of the applications and formats of these Moto Snaps / Mods. From covers, battery, projector, loudspeaker, even a printer for Polaroids.

Motorola Moto Z3 will bring new Moto Snap / Moto Mods

All of these modular accessories can be attached to your Motorola Moto Z line mobile device. This we now see will be one of the “surprises” for the Android range tops line, the Motorola Moto Z3. At least, so Evan Blass believes that presents us with these virtual reality glasses (VR). The new Moto Snap is called Motorola Virtual Viewer. Then we can see its appearance and also the box in which it will reach the hands of the public.

This is the Virtual Viewer for Android tops, the Moto Z3.

According to it, according to these images, it is a Daydream device. A new virtual reality glasses that will connect to the smartphone inside the Motorola Virtual Viewer. With the smartphone resting on the front of the new Moto Mod, you can enjoy multimedia content and Virtual Reality content.

Also note the cutback left for the camera of the Motorola Moto Z. I honestly do not believe that these glasses enhance the exploitation of content in Augmented Reality but I hope I am wrong. With the camera available, the smartphone could use this “eye” to capture our reality by increasing it with the software. Hopefully to see what the brand reserves us for their Moto Z3.

As for the next tops of Android range we have the Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play from June to July. At the latest these mobile devices will arrive in August. They will be complemented by new “Mods” being this Viewer one of them.

Do you currently have any Android device from this manufacturer or any Moto Mod / Snap?

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  1. Harun Khalid Adeiza

    I have not explored any of their Android devices yet not even their gadgets self.. But they are really trying a lot! Wish them a successful accomplishment.. Thanks for the info..

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