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Motorola Razr Foldable: New Information Leaves Us Enthusiastic!

Motorola is preparing its first foldable smartphone. The Motorola Razr, known as V3 and V3X.

According to the information, the first Motorola foldable will arrive with a design identical to the predecessor. That is, it will be a smartphone shell. However, instead of having a keyboard and a screen, it will be all screen. The perfect smartphone! 

Even though folding smartphones are becoming more talked about lately with Galaxy Fold and Mate X, the one I most hope for is this. A smartphone with a “normal” size and with the possibility to open and close. 

This Motorola Razr is the Future of Foldable Smartphones

When opened, your smartphone will have a large screen identical to the first Motorola Razr. When closed it will have a small non-touch screen but with the possibility to show us the settings. 

In addition, it seems, when closed you can spend your finger on the smartphone and will serve as a trackpad for the small screen. A glimpse into the future. Simply perfect! 

XDA shared some pictures and information of what to expect for the smartphone. That being the case, if the Motorola Razr folding actually arrive, these will be your possibilities:

Features of the new Motorola Razr Foldable:

  • When unfolded, the ‘closed display’ can act as a trackpad. Trackpad functionality is currently limited to the scrolling of web pages in Google Chrome and the application timeline scroll (such as Facebook or Twitter).
  • Up to 6 quick settings will be displayed in the “closed screen”. It is unclear if Motorola will allow the user to glide to see more information, however.
  • When in the camera, the user can tap the main screen to capture a photo or slide up on the main screen to zoom in. Presumably, this will help the user to take selfies by holding the phone with the camera pointed at you. A countdown timer can also be shown through the dual display.
  • If the user launches the Google Assistant while the phone is closed, the Wizard animation may appear. The user will be prompted to “open to unlock” using their password or PIN.
  • Motorola is testing that the Moto Display application shows a clock, intermittent notifications, and media control on the external monitor.
  • The user may be able to have a separate wallpaper showing on the ‘ closed display ‘.

In short, the idea of having a collapsible smartphone with this ideology wins me. My only fear is its price. The first foldable smartphones arrived with values around 2000 € and I honestly do not have the courage to pay so much for a smartphone. 

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