Motorola One Power to receive Android Pie 9.0 at the end of 2018

Motorola One Power Android Pie 9.0

The Motorola One Power is the latest mobile device from the North American manufacturer, currently owned by China’s Lenovo. Being released under the Android One program from Google would expect the Android Pie 9.0 soon to reach the device

However, in contrast to, for example, the OnePlus 6 and Essential Phone, this is not the case. Although in the case of Essential Phone a practically stock version of the system is used, this is no longer true in OnePlus 6. However, both devices already enjoy this desirable version of the operating system.

In contrast to its past, Motorola is no longer one of the fastest manufacturers to upgrade its handsets. Although, certainly, the new Android Pie 9 will eventually reach the Motorola One Power. Until then we will still have a few months of waiting.

This “small” particularity will apparently be resolved by the end of 2018 with the availability of the system update. Until then, in this hiatus we can do nothing more than wait for the initiative of the brand and a little probable surprise.

Motorola One Power will have to wait for Android Pie

In a nutshell, the most likely thing is to wait until the end of the year to take advantage of the latest version of this operating system. Something that will have been confirmed by the product manager in India, Mr. Abhishek Kumar. According to this source, it will be from mid-October that records will begin for the testing phase of the new firmware. That is, only at the end of this month should you start the soak test or immersion test phase for the new version. Already the final, stable and general audience-oriented update is expected to arrive by the end of the year, as we said above.

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Well, in the first place it is not known how long this immersion test will take place. Something that may delay the arrival of the final version, stable and ready for any user.

In short, it’s almost unbelievable that a device launched under this program may take so long to be upgraded. I recall that the device uses a pure version of the operating system, and there is no UI custom made by the brand.

It remains to be seen why such a delay in the arrival of this version of the operating system. In fact, it was made available in mid-August.

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