Home NEWS Motorola One Power is receiving the new Android Pie 9.0

Motorola One Power is receiving the new Android Pie 9.0

Motorola One Power is receiving the new Android Pie 9.0

It is one of the latest smartphones from North American Motorola. It’s called Motorola One Power and uses the Android One platform for “pure” lightweight software with periodic updates. In this sense, now comes to this smartphone the new Android Pie.

This is the latest version of Google’s operating system now comes to one of its most sought-after smartphones. Therefore, if you have one of this device then prepare for the new system update.

First of all, the brand owned by Lenovo had already implied that the update would soon arrive confirmation from GSMarena.

Therefore it is with great appreciation that we now see the system update (firmware) coming to its users. Note that the teaser above was shared very recently. In short, it’s good to see the brand taking care of its users and their smartphones.

Motorola One Power begins receiving Android Pie

Secondly, it should be noted that not all Motorola One Power users will receive the Android Pie at the same time. As is customary in these cases, software updates are being phased in gradually and phased. However, be aware of your notification bar, it will not be long until you receive the update notice available. Alternatively, you can also check their availability within the Settings in Software Updates.

Motorola One Power Android Pie will bring a new look, new icons and effects to the smartphone. Secondly, you will also have a new organization for any settings menu. You’ll also have new quick settings, accessible through the top bar.

Thirdly, the brand also promises improved autonomy with the new Android Pie. Something that will also depend on the type of use of each owner, among other factors.

In short, we can expect improvements for virtually every aspect of the Motorola One Power. Even for your camera as well as for the smoothness of the entire Android smartphone. I remember that the update will arrive via OTA (over the air).


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