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Motorola Announces New Moto Snap Stereo Speaker for $60

Moto Snap Stereo Speaker

Motorola, the brand owned by Lenovo, is the only success story among all manufacturers who have tried to implement a modular ideology for their smartphones. Now, introduce us a new Moto Snap Stereo Speaker or (Moto Mod) stereo speaker for your branded smartphone.

This modular ideology has appealed to many manufacturers beyond Motorola. They will certainly remember the LG G5, the smartphone that tried to change the brand and turned out to be a true flop of sales. Unfortunately its accessory ecosystem, LG & Friends have never become very popular for various reasons. Moreover, some still remember the ambition Project Ara of Google.

Now, in 2018, Motorola is the only brand that can be happy with its modular accessories. However, only the high-end line, the “Moto Z”, can take advantage of Moto Snap’s or Moto Mods. In this way, the brand guarantees that no user is “forced” to adopt its modules.

Still, we can certainly say that Motorola already has a good portfolio of modular accessories for its Moto Z. Now, what’s your secret? The fact that even without modules the smartphone is perfectly usable and above all its quality of construction is not compromised.

Motorola launches new Moto Snap Stereo Speaker

For all users of this brand we now have a new Moto Mod, the Stereo Speaker that will be available in Black, Red, and Blue. Moreover, unlike other loudspeakers like the JBL, this Moto Snap Stereo Speaker is made by the brand itself and not in partnership with another company. Its main highlight is its small rest so you can put your smartphone in Panorama Mode, horizontally.

The new modular accessory will cost $ 60 and is available in several colors.

Ideal for enjoying videos and multimedia, loud and clear, the new Moto Mod Stereo Speaker does not have a built-in battery. In this way, you will use the smartphone battery itself through the magnetic connection pins. Something that also deserves to be referred to is water resistance. More specifically, the splashing.

This is the Moto Mod, the most economical of the brand. Costing about 60 dollars or just over 50 €.



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