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More than 3.6 million players registers FIFA 21 already

EA Sports released some figures about FIFA 21 players in a press release. According to the company, “more than 3 million teams have been assembled to date and 2.3 million users entered the game before the release date through the benefit of early access by EA Play.” In total, there are already more than 3.6 million active registered players.

By way of comparison, FIFA 20 registered around 10 million players in less than a month after its debut date. Apparently, the new game from EA Sports is following the same steps as its predecessor and may reach similar numbers.

The game’s executive producer, Aaron McHardy, explained that FIFA 21 “has new features in Career Mode to respond to player feedback, building unique moments of the team’s journey from the ground to the top. ” The modifications made by the developer to the mode were made for “greater immersion in managing team growth” .

FIFA 21: is it worth it?

For those who are fans of the saga, want the most updated teams, and enjoy the competitiveness of the Ultimate Team, FIFA 21 is worth it. It is an evolution of FIFA 20 to close the generation. For those who think that sports games are all the same, or do not want to spend in such a difficult time, of course it will not count.

FIFA 21 players who started the journey on PS4 or Xbox One will be able to continue gameplay on the next platforms from Sony and Microsoft, but only with part of the saves.

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