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Monito and backup your apps with Zipper

Android is a very unique os,
That said, it can be crowdy or hazy when trying to detect or locate a particular app, trying to detect a problem which occurred after installing an app.
We bring you a free Android app that can help you not just monitor your app installation, but also help you keep record of what and when anything was installed on your phone.


Zipper is an android app which has lot of features, today,  we will be passing you through a process of how to use zipper to backup apps installed on your phone and how to monitor when and which app was installed on your phone.
Don’t worry, Zipper is not intrusive and it is not an antivirus, you won’t notice it’s in your phone till you need it.

Step 1] Download ZIPPER
It’s free, the link is from play store so its 100% free from ads delaying your download and 90% safe from virus or malware.

Step 2] After downloading Zipper and you launch the app you will see this

From Screen shot 1 to 5, is dedicated to explaining how to make Zipper show apps in a coordinated installation date instead of the random way zipper is set to display installed apps by),
Click the storage option “Application” which will take you to?

Step 3] Once the application page is opened, you should see every app installed on your phone, click your option softkey or option-option on your screen if your phone doesn’t support softkey option.
You should see this screen shot [ss 2] now click preference,

which should take you here [ss3]?

Step 4] Now, click the sort by[ss3] which should display this option [ss4] choose “install date” and click okay.

Step 5] click the next option below the “sort by” option in [ss3] which is “Direction” that should take you to [ss5] now choose “descending” and click okay.

Step 6] Congratulations!!! You are done, you just configure zipper to monitor apps installed on your phone and to help you monitor them so as to know which app to blame should your phone start misbehaving after recently installing any new app.

How to use Zipper to backup installed apps to your sd card.

After backing up a app, you can send them through Bluetooth or any other sharing medium, you also have the option of installing them later should you format your phone and lose the backup app or mistakenly  removed it from installed apps on your phone.
We will teach you, how to make zipper backup apps in a manner you can easily locate them.
This method, will tailor zipper to backup your apps with the app’s name and version, instead of backing up your app and naming them “package.apk” or any other strange name.
Step 1] Now open Zipper click the “Application” option.
You should see this [ss1A] tick one or two apps, then click backup.
Step 2] After clicking backup, this option should surface [ss 2A]  click this option “Default package name” which will then bring a drop down option [ss3A] in that drop down option click “Application Name + version” then click okay.

Step 3] Wait for few seconds or more depending on the number of apps you are backing up or how large the apk file you are backing up.
Step 4] Once the notification of success is shown. Go to your file manager, open your sd card, locate this folder “Backups>User” there you will find the raw apk of your downloaded app or apps ready for installation or sharing.
Step 5] Congratulations!!! You are done, you just learned how to backup installed apps. Excellent, you catch up fast.

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