Home NEWS Modders took up the merger of Morrowind and Skyrim

Modders took up the merger of Morrowind and Skyrim

Modders took up the merger of Morrowind and Skyrim

A team of enthusiasts demonstrated the trailer of its addition to the fifth part of The Elder Scrolls – and the scope of their ideas is really impressive. As you know, Bethesda employees, unlike many of their colleagues, are very positive about the modding community. The company regularly puts in open access all the tools needed to create amateur additions, so the amount of fan work is growing by leaps and bounds. But while some are content with some minor cosmetic changes, others set themselves very ambitious tasks.

Ever dreamed of visiting all the provinces of The Elder Scrolls, without leaving one game? Community Beyond Skyrim set a goal to unite Tamriel and give gamers the opportunity to travel around the mainland. Talented modders recreate the Skyrim engine with landscapes, textures and objects from other parts of the series, so that the fans of the cycle can get an incredible experience – to explore at once the whole universe of the legendary RPG, rather than pieces. Do you recognize these huge mushrooms that Vvardenfell is famous for? The events in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind threatened the race of the Dunmer, but even after the fall of Baar Dau to the city of Vivek, life has not yet left these places, and a curious traveler will be able to find out how the vast expanses of Morrowind look now.

This will not be the first victory of the collective mind over the limitations imposed by the creators of The Elder Scrolls. Previously, the same team released Beyond Skyrim: Bruma, which added to the map Skyrim central part of the mainland – Cyrodiil. Now in parallel, there is work on several projects at once and modders are constantly searching for new talents who can join their grandiose ideas.



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