Microsoft - Windows 10 will be more colorful with the new update

Microsoft’s Windows 10 will receive its first major update of 2019 as early as next April. As you will know here at Androidvillaz, it will be called April 2019 Update.

In fact, as you can see by its name, the version that will give a new air to Microsoft Windows 10 will not be as innovative as that. At least not at the level of features or functionality.

However, the new version available for Insiders revealed that, as far as personalization is concerned, it is not so. In this way, you can assign a color, the same as the applied theme, to the taskbar and its commands.

April 2019 Update is the first of two Microsoft updates for Windows 10!

That being the case, when you use the right mouse button on one of the apps in the taskbar, your little “menu” will have a tint. Currently, this color is fixed in black and gray, so it is not as exciting as that.

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Fortunately, this will no longer be a reality from now on, giving more customization to the entire system. All of this can be defined in the System Settings in the Colors section.

Again, this is not a novelty that will change the user experience completely. Quite the opposite. It will only serve to make it more enjoyable, since it offers a greater range of choices to the user.

So, we have to wait a little longer for the new Windows 10 update, which in April will find several devices around the world. Hopefully it will be more successful than the last one the Redmond company tried to put on the market.


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