Microsoft - Windows 10 Mobile to lose support in December 2019

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile was the latest operating system the company put on the market. However, it is still being targeted by the giant Redmond, although it should be stopped this year.

In fact, as was known a long time ago, Microsoft has confirmed that as of December 10, 2019 Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be updated. Not even with security updates.

Therefore, the latest smartpoon users running the Seattle-based company platform should effectively consider alternatives to their devices.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile continues to be very cherished!

Unfortunately, the saga will end this year around one of the most promising softwares that could be used on devices that are currently with each person every day, several hours a day. This is clear, on average, according to time and space.

The good part, on the other hand, has to do with the fact that Microsoft has put all its services on competing operating systems. Whether Android or iOS, any user can find the main applications of Office 365, as well as many others, such as Microsoft Edge and other applications that have been introduced in the meantime.

Although the change is not easy, it is not, in several ways, the truth is that it will be unavoidable, since it is relatively unsafe to continue to use devices exempt from security updates.

So watch out for the news here at, so you do not lose any detail about this and other topics totally spoken in Portuguese.


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